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Who We Are

Historic Hotels & Properties Ltd.

Living History

Historic Hotels and Properties Ltd was established with a two-part mission. 

Firstly, to acquire, restore and redevelop significant historic buildings in neglected parts of provincial Britain, and repurpose them for hospitality use. 

Secondly, to create, build and operate a unique heritage hotel brand in the UK that leverages the intrinsic attractions of ‘character’ filled buildings with a story to tell, combined with great locations, comfort, service and food and beverage.


Our business strategy is underpinned by the founder’s strong belief both in the growth of domestic tourism in the UK, and in a growing appreciation of British heritage, history and a ‘sense of place’ by domestic visitors. This heritage is equally sought after by foreign inbound tourists. Our heritage hotels enable anyone to stay a few days in history as part of their travels.

Although a young company, HHP brings together a unique set of capabilities in heritage building restoration, interior design and repurposing, real estate development, hotel design and build, hotel operations, and multi-brand F&B operations over several decades and countries.  

Conservation: We believe in restoration sympathetic to the period the building was erected and its original purpose, including decorative finishes and colours, flooring and floor coverings and antique furniture and artefacts. Whilst heritage buildings abound in Britain, the majority of owners have little or no interest in their architectural heritage, and view them only in terms of usable GFA and price. Many of our projects require ‘rescue’ and substantial civil works, or ‘de-modernisation’ as we call it. 


Hate big business green-washing? So do we. We really do believe in sustainability and worry about the impact of over consumption on our fragile planet, and we believe in doing social good. We also believe in equal employment opportunities for all, indeed we encourage it. It is the basis of our business. 

Sustainability: Our business is the very definition of sustainability through re-use. Our oldest living building dates to circa 1460 during the reign of Elizabeth I, still going strong after 500 years and restored by us for vacationers to stay in. Unlike the energy hungry process of new builds in concrete, steel, glass and brick that typify the global big brand hotel industry, we seek to preserve the existing, and repurpose buildings that have been closed or are too expensive to maintain (like schools, churches, country estates and warehouses), whilst working to make them more energy efficient in their heating and cooling system requirements.   

A stay in our repurposed heritage hotels the next time you travel is a vote for building sustainability, and will give you the homely feel that only and old building can. Who needs another concrete tower?

Social Benefit: The hospitality industry and global tourism is recognized as the world’s largest provider of employment to lower educated and lower skilled workers in the world, and provides opportunities to the less fortunate that are not part of the urban, educated, technology enabled elite. 

We aim to grow and provide jobs in neglected parts of the UK a long way from London and the wealthy South East. At start up stage, our founder targeted neglected Northern seaside towns to begin our journey, underpinned by a belief that these are Cinderella’s whose potential is waiting to be unlocked with the right combination of capital, ideas and people. Support us and other like us on this journey, and chose a staycation for your next break if you call the UK home, or visit Britain if you are overseas.

We have, from inception, been an equal opportunities employer that seeks everyone from all walks of life, not because we have to but because it makes the best business sense and that way we get the best people. Being founded by a mixed kid who from his London roots has lived and worked with people from all over the world helps. Visit us and find out for yourselves! 

We are always looking for like-minded souls to join us.




Our business of preserving, restoring and repurposing historic buildings provides an energy effective alternative to new builds; gives new life to ‘living history’ as we call it, and a sense of place for the local communities these buildings have been part of, as well as local employment.

However, to be effective in their new life, the biggest challenge for conservation building businesses is the poor energy efficiency of historic buildings. It is a huge challenge to provide the modern levels of comfort in heating and cooling demanded by consumers in a 200 year-old building. Retrofitting modern insulation, double glazing, and heat pumps is very expensive, particularly for the SME’s that operate many of these historic buildings. In addition, many such buildings are listed (protected by conservation


In April 2021, the Prince of Wales joined 40 banks worldwide in a working group called the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Financial Services Taskforce. Out of this working group came the Net-Zero Banking Alliance, an agreement by banks to align lending and investment strategies with net-zero emissions by 2030. Meanwhile the UK Government is demanding that all buildings rise to grade ’C’ in energy efficiency, without helping companies secure the financing they would require to do so, or secure the required planning permission from the relevant Historic Building agencies (Historic England and Historic Environment Scotland).

Here is an opportunity for the major UK banks to put their money where their mouth is, and extend a credible finance package to historic building owners that are under commercial use with viable businesses, perhaps with some Government assurance, much like a student loan scheme.

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