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The Smugglers...

The ‘Smugglers Apprentice’ was installed in Merchants Row in Scarborough in September 2012 and is the work of the artist, Ray Lonsdale.

The apprentice may only be twelve or thirteen years old. He may have been forced into the illegal work of smuggling though desperation for money to feed himself and his family.  He may be working for his father to carry on the family ‘business’.  Living in a maritime community he would be fully aware of the dangers of smuggling.  Not only encounters with the ocean but worse, much worse.  Encounters with the men from the excise leading to arrest, incarceration in a foetid prison, trial, verdict and then the gallows.  He may well have seen this inexorable tide of tragedy drown friends and others in his family

The master has taught the apprentice well as both of them are looking in the same direction, inland with their backs to the sea.  Anxious to avoid the excise men before they can hide their contraband somewhere safe.

There is an inscription on the barrel at the master’s feet:

When someone whispers, whispers back

When someone shouts, run

By Alan Russell

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Statue, Merchants Row, Scarborough, Yorkshire

This sculpture by Ray Lonsdale is made of a steel alloy called Cor-Ten Steel which is a 'weathering' steel, i.e. it forms a rust like patina both to prevent continued corrosion and to give it a particular character.

Immortalised on Celluloid

A shy widower comes to work in Scarborough. He joins the local amateur theatre group which is rehearsing "A Beggar's Opera", and his actions have profound effects on the various members of the group.

Yes, you read it right - we have got history of films shot in here - click the poster to watch...

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